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4 For the 4th

Four reasons why saint medals are a fitting gift for those in the armed services.


As we approach the 4th of July and get ready to celebrate our country’s freedom and independence, we remember that 238 years ago these blessings were obtained through the brave sacrifices of patriots in the armed service of the new republic.

Today men and women continue to serve, protect and defend our country. Here are four reasons why religious medals that feature the insignia of a branch of the armed services, paired with the image of a related patron saint are a favorite for families with a loved one in the Military.

Reason #1 – Those in the Service Deserve our Gratitude, Support and Prayers

Those in the armed services today continue a tradition of sacrifice and serve for the protection of others. For their service they deserve our gratitude, support and prayers. A religious medal is a concrete way for Catholics in the armed services to unite their call to serve with the call of God: to live justly and defend the defenseless.

Reason #2 – The Saints are Powerful Protectors and Patrons

Wearing a saint medal in itself is a form of prayer – a constant petition for guidance and protection.  Since the prayers of the saints are particularly powerful in the areas which they themselves have excelled. A religious Medal is perfect for the Marine, the soldier, the sailor or the airman. Supported by a saintly protector, the emblem of military service is anchored to every Christian’s call to defend and protect others and to oppose evil in both the temporal and spiritual realms.

Reason #3 – Because You Love Them

Religious medals are typically a gift to a son, daughter, husband, wife or grandchild currently serving, just completing basic training, or preparing for deployment. A patron and protector medal is a visible sign of your love and concern. Because of the personal nature of these gifts, engraving of a personal message is an extremely popular option. When you can’t always be there with them, your personal message on the back lets them know:

That you are always thinking of them.
That you are proud of them.
That you love them.

Many times, a spouse or one or both parents wear a matching medal as a prayerful connection to their husband/wife or son/daughter in the service.

Reason #4 – These Medals Display Traditional American Craftsmanship

Our store’s Religious Military Medals are fine examples of traditional American craftsmanship. We are proud that our medals are made in the United States by family owned businesses, one with over 100 years experience in making Catholic items.These medals excel in quality. After the image of the medal is pressed, a team of engravers (father and son) work together and hand-engrave the edging of each medal. It results in a beautiful bright-cut medal that is of heirloom quality.

This Fourth of July as we thank God for our freedom, let us offer our prayers for those who have served and are currently serving in the military.

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