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What does a Saint Wear on Her First Communion?

FB-What-does-a-saint-wear-2While browsing through our Communion veils, gloves and accessories, I began to wonder, what does a saint wear on her First Communion? Would her dress be simple? Or would she be dressed to the nines for such a special day? And then I stumbled across this photo of St. Therese’s First Communion dress. So here’s the answer, at least for one saint! And I have to say, I love the pink sash and matching purse.

dressBut, what I love even more is that St. Therese of Lisieux makes holiness so real for us; she makes the communion of saints seem so much closer. After all, she went through the same things that our families go through: she had First Communion classes to attend, a special outfit to find and a big party to celebrate it all. But St. Therese also did something else to make her First Communion special; when she received Jesus in Communion, she began to love Him intensely… and by doing that she started on the path to sanctity.

St ThereseIn her own words, St Therese describes her First Communion…

“How lovely it was, that first kiss of Jesus in my heart — it was truly a kiss of love. I knew that I was loved and said, “I love You, and I give myself to You forever.”


“At last the most wonderful day of my life arrived, and I can remember every tiny detail of those heavenly hours: my joyous waking up at dawn, the tender, reverent kisses of the mistresses and older girls, the room where we dressed — filled with the white “snowflakes” in which one after another we were clothed — and above all, our entry into chapel and the singing of the morning hymn: “O Altar of God, Where the Angels are Hovering…”


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