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About Catholic Family Gifts

Catholic Family Gifts is not just a catchy name to target a certain demographic, its who we are. Our online store is the extension of a family owned Catholic store. Chris and Elaine, the owners of Catholic Family Gifts, are lifelong Catholics and the proud parents of six children. We and our staff want to support the faith life of you and your family.

Gift giving occasions are opportunities to share with others the profound love of God. Our selection of items is carefully chosen to enrich the lives of those who receive them and draw them closer to God. We work hard to find a good variety of quality religious items to enhance sacramental occasions and the daily life of Catholic individuals and families.

Catholic Family Gifts is a Catholic Store focused on you and your family. We offer Catholic Books and Bibles, Sacramental gifts including Baptism gifts, First Communion gifts and Confirmation gifts as well as devotional items for throughout the seasons, like Advent wreathes, Christmas gifts and nativity sets.

Our online store is an extension of our physical store Vineyard Books, Gifts & Church Supplies, which has served Catholics in the Rockford Diocese, (located in northern Illinois) for over 42 years.

About the Owners

Chris and Elaine, the co-founders of Catholic Family Gifts, are lifelong Catholics and the proud parents of six children.

Chris brings 28 years of experience working for the Catholic Church. His work includes time as a diocesan staff member in youth ministry, parish DRE, retreat director, and catechist for RCIA. As the director of Religious Education at the Cathedral of St. Peter, Rockford, he sought to support catholic families by helping them bring Catholic art, symbols and devotions into their home.

Elaine worked in a number of capacities over the years with special needs children in Catholic respite care facilities, state institutions and Catholic elementary school inclusion programs. She also has extensive experience as a preschool and elementary level catechist and serves as the “spiritual director” (aka mother) of six children.

Their children, ages 11 -23 help evaluate products for their appeal to children, teens and young adults.

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