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Chris Weickert

Chris is a devoted husband and the father of six beautiful children. He and his wife Elaine operate multiple online Catholic Stores. Starting in ministry related work at age 18, Chris was Diocesan Director of Youth Retreats. Subsequent work as a DRE, Youth Minister, and Development Director preceded his entry into Catholic retail.

Discover the Beauty of a Hand Carved Nativity

From the Middle Ages to World Class Artistry Today The spectacular scenery and beautiful vistas of the Val Gardena valley in the Italian Alps of northern Italy are inspiring. The woodcarving that comes from this region is breathtaking. Located in the Dolomites (a United Nations world heritage site) in the South …

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The Patron Saint of Television Never Watched One.

The Corpus Christi Monastery of the Poor Clare Colettine Nuns is a few miles from our house. Within the cloister walls of this monastery the sisters live a life of prayer, worship, work and sacrifice. Their foundress St. Clare of Assisi, a 13th century Franciscan, never would have seen a …

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Drinking with the Saints & Homebrewed Evangelism

Summer is here. Have a refreshing drink and keep growing in your knowledge of the faith. Between these two books there is something for everyone. Each of them explores knowledge of the faith with wit, and a good measure of practical hospitality. Drinking with the Saints: The Sinners Guide to …

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How to Create Prayer Time Out of Thin Air

Newtons’ First Law of Motion as Applied to Prayer It seems to me that a prayer life moves consistent with the initial part of Newton’s First Law of Motion which states that a body at rest will remain at rest unless an outside force acts upon it. If you don’t pray today, it …

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Gangnam Style, Ice Buckets, Blood, and the Grace of Yes

#Grace ofYesDay Two years ago when the musician Psy released the video for Gangnam Style, I avoided watching it, in part because of a genuine lack of interest, and in part because I resist pop culture fads. This past year it was the ice bucket challenge. Yes for a noble …

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Little People Have Faith Too!

When our children were younger we mastered the dance steps required to move through the house without stepping on a small, hard toy. Countless legos, plastic animals and dinosaurs, little people figures, cars and more made a minefield out of many a floor. This post, however, is not about the mess. …

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