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  • Chris Weickert

    Chris is a devoted husband and the father of six beautiful children. He and his wife Elaine operate multiple online Catholic Stores. Starting in ministry related work at age 18, Chris was Diocesan Director of Youth Retreats. Subsequent work as a DRE, Youth Minister, and Development Director preceded his entry into Catholic retail.
  • Elaine

    Elaine is a mom to six children. In between their activities she can be found experimenting in the kitchen, sewing clothing or quilts as the inspiration hits, knitting in the winter, singing in the choir and generally never getting around to dusting the top shelf.
  • James Campbell

    Jim Campbell has been in teaching and catechetical ministry for 40 years. For six years Jim was a consultant for the Office of Catechesis in the Archdiocese of Chicago. Recently retired from Loyola Press in Chicago, Jim is the author of Every Man’s Journey: Becoming the Man God Intended, 30 meditations for men (or any disciple) inspired by the Apostle Peter. Jim is a content writer and theological consultant for Catholic Family Gifts and Bringing the Faith Home.
  • Katie

    Katie is a homeschooling mother to four active boys and one newborn girl. Together, she and her husband of nine years try to bring peace and justice to the galaxy they call their domestic church. Katie has an interdisciplinary degree in child development and early childhood education, with a paraprofessional certificate in the Montessori method. She is also a professed Secular Franciscan. In between legos and laundry, Katie enjoys carefree timelessness with her husband, singing, dancing and reading. She is a Content Writer for Catholic Family Gifts.
  • Michaela

    Michaela is a 20-something Nanny and full time college student.
  • Patricia

    Patricia is a lifelong Catholic and has a great devotion to the Blessed Sacrament. She believes that the Real Presence is the most beautiful truth of our Faith, and she believes that one day, devotion to the Blessed Sacrament will change the world.