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Faith in the Home

My Faith Anchor Point is my Fridge

When I say my fridge is an anchor point of faith, it is not because it keeps my beer cold. While that is a plus for the fridge, the faith anchor point is actually on the outside. All over the outside, held on with a vast array of magnets. Nearly …

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Lenten Moments of Mercy

Ideas for the Struggling Super Disciple Ready or not here comes Lent. Have you sorted out your plans for prayer, sacrifice and fasting yet? Like a new years resolution in March it can be difficult to hold onto our plans without help. We want to be the super disciple, able …

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Do You Know Where Your Candles Are?

Ordinary time ends this weekend and Advent begins in one week. That means that this weekend my wife and I should try and find the Advent wreath, make sure we have candles that are not burned to nubbins. We need to prepare to prepare. It is time for us to …

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Discover the Beauty of a Hand Carved Nativity

From the Middle Ages to World Class Artistry Today The spectacular scenery and beautiful vistas of the Val Gardena valley in the Italian Alps of northern Italy are inspiring. The woodcarving that comes from this region is breathtaking. Located in the Dolomites (a United Nations world heritage site) in the South …

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And the Winner for the Best Nativity Is… St. Francis of Assisi!

We live in such a creative society, that there is an infinite variety of nativities available now-a-days. You can find everything from intricately hand-carved wooden pieces to glow-in-the-dark sets, musical nativities to nativity finger puppets. Some make great heirlooms and some are great for kids.  But of all natives ever made, …

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