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Faith in the Home

Advent Ideas ~ And a Prayer

When Advent begins this year on November 30th all of the stores will already be festooned with Christmas decorations and your family calendar may start to look like there will be no time to breathe between Thanksgiving and the 25th of December. Come, Lord Jesus, Come! Every November, after we …

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A Family Red Plate Tradition

One of the top songs in the classic musical Fiddler on the Roof is “Tradition.” Raising a family of faith in a secular culture, we share the struggles of Tevye, the father in the musical. In all families traditions create bonds of shared values and experience among that small community. Our mother Church recognizes this …

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What? A Catholic Children’s Bible that is actually a Bible?!

When initially asked to review a new Catholic Children’s Bible I was anticipating a small, padded book, with a handful of sweetly illustrated and reworded popular stories from the Bible.  What I was handed was a BIBLE.  A 2,000 page, you-could-do-weight-lifting-exercises-with-it-Bible!  Upon doing research I found that this Bible in …

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St. Joseph Altar Traditions

St. Joseph’s Day which falls on March 19th in the Catholic liturgical calendar, means many things for me.  I can be assured that on this day I know that the long, Midwestern winter is nearing an end.  I also know that there is great cause for celebration.  Why?  Because St. …

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The #1 Nativity Set in the US

We’re #1 is a familiar chant in the realm of sports. We also see ranking in articles about wealthy individuals, celebrities, video game consoles, smart phones, the best/worst cities and so on, but really… nativity sets? We know it seems odd, but Yes! So how do we know who is …

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