How to Create Prayer Time Out of Thin Air

Newtons’ First Law of Motion as Applied to Prayer It seems to me that a prayer life moves consistent with the initial part of Newton’s First Law of Motion which states that a body at rest will remain at rest unless an outside force acts upon it. If you don’t pray today, it …

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Gangnam Style, Ice Buckets, Blood, and the Grace of Yes

#Grace ofYesDay Two years ago when the musician Psy released the video for Gangnam Style, I avoided watching it, in part because of a genuine lack of interest, and in part because I resist pop culture fads. This past year it was the ice bucket challenge. Yes for a noble …

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Get a Spiritual Exercise Partner for Lent

Going it alone during Lent makes for a lonely journey. Have a more productive prayerful Lent with a spiritual exercise partner. Living on a corner along a popular jogging route, we see lots of people run by. Very few of them run alone. Most have companions during their daily exercise. …

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