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Gangnam Style, Ice Buckets, Blood, and the Grace of Yes

#Grace ofYesDay

Two years ago when the musician Psy released the video for Gangnam Style, I avoided watching it, in part because of a genuine lack of interest, and in part because I resist pop culture fads. This past year it was the ice bucket challenge. Yes for a noble cause, but there are many noble causes, and the whole social/viral thing was off putting for me. I try to avoid viruses. And now, into my mailbox pops an invitation to help an author I adore begin a viral marketing campaign for her newest book, the “Grace of Yes.” Hmmm…. a fresh dilemma. What to do for a friend? So, no to dancing, no to ice buckets, but an enthusiastic YES to grace.

graceofyes-blogpostLisa Hendey is a warm and generous California Catholic and her new book, the Grace of Yes, is a candid journey into eight spiritual values essential to a life of faith. I’m not done with the book yet, because I started reading it ‘buffet style’ with little tastes from all over. I began on the chapter “the Grace of No”, then skipped around snacking on different chapters before returning to the beginning to give it a proper read.

What I appreciate in her writing is the accessible, realistic and humble narrative of experiences, reflections, mistakes and successes. For me, they echo what I hear from Pope Francis. Be open to God, be concerned for others and cultivate within yourself a living faith that interacts with and transforms the world where you live.

With great authenticity, Lisa unpacks for the reader the virtues of belief, generativity, creativity, integrity, humility, vulnerability, saying no, and starting over. Hers is the voice of an ordinary, in the world, daughter of God. My awareness of God’s grace is enhanced by her openness as she shares lived experiences not theoretical or abstract ideas.

So here I go. I’m not going to sit out this social media request. I will share one way that I say yes to grace as a regular blood and platelet donor at the Rock River Valley Blood Center. I invite you to share how you say yes to grace.yes-to-donating-2

A special project around this idea is Grace of Yes Day November 18, 2014. That Tuesday I invite you to share a post on social media about how you or someone you know said yes to God. Use the hashtag #graceof yes to share your story with other participants. If you are so inclined, print out one of these signs and use it in a picture post to your favorite social media.

graceofyes-saysyes-150bgraceofyes-isayyes-150b graceofyes-hastag-150b


Want to hear it directly from the Author?

As we will soon enter Advent and say “Come Lord Jesus Come” I encourage you to open yourself to the Grace of Yes and to share with others how you say “Yes” to God’s grace.


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