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How-To Measure for a First Communion Dress

Need to buy a First Communion Dress this year? If yes, we want to share an article just posted to our store website that walks you through the basics of getting a good set of measurements for a girl’s dress. This is the first in a series of reference guides designed to take the pain out of buying a First Communion dress, veil, boy’s suit or gift.As new articles are posted, we will keep you informed.

Measuring for Communion DressThe article highlights how-to hints for measuring a child for a good fit in her First Communion dress. It provides:

  • Specific measuring tips
  • Detailed directions for key measurements
  • Tips for translating the measurements into the perfect dress choice
  • Illustrations to show where to make measurements

Article: [ The Beginners Guide to Measuring for a First Communion Dress]

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