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Lenten Moments of Mercy

Ideas for the Struggling Super Disciple

Ready or not here comes Lent. Have you sorted out your plans for prayer, sacrifice and fasting yet? Like a new years resolution in March it can be difficult to hold onto our plans without help. We want to be the super disciple, able to leap long devotions in a single bound, but more often than not, find the minutia and interruptions of life eating away at our resolve and distracting us from our focus. What can be done?

Keep it simple – make meaningful not complicated plans. This is not a contest, an endurance match or an episode of Survivor.

Make it authentic – choose prayers, devotions, and sacrifices that are true to you, not what would look good to others.

Have backup – Make sure you have supportive resources for your plans, be it a devotional, a menu plan, or a plan B that kicks in when life derails your perfect plan A.

Keep in mind this is a holy year of Mercy. If things go sideways as they often do, have mercy on yourself, get back up, and try again. Recriminations or quitting do not bring forth the fruits that come from completing a journey; even if there were detours along the way.

super-desciplein the garden of Gethsemane, The disciples of Jesus could not manage a hour without distraction and sleep. I have a suggestion of how you can go twice the distance and deliver two hours of focused reflection. Make it bite sized.

In this case do the two hours 3 minutes at a time. Loyola Press has a great, free, daily reflection for the 40 days of lent that will take three minutes a day. The reflections are based on a mass reading from the day and lead you to take daily small steps as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Curious? You can check out this article on CatholicMom.com about what the author of the series Dr. James Campbell had in mind for participants. Then take a small step and sign-up for the Lenten Moments of Mercy over at Loyola Press.

If you are looking for additional Lenten Devotional items you can find those at our store. Wishing you a fruitful journey through Lent, one step at a time. See you at Easter!



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