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Your Chance to Meet Pope Francis

Pope Francis Book - A Call to Serve - Cover People get to know each other through the stories they tell and the experiences they share.Three months ago Pope Francis came into the lives of billions of Catholics worldwide. While a chance for a personal sit down with the Pope is unlikely, this book can be your opportunity to enter into the story of a simple, humble man who now sits in the chair of St. Peter.

His papacy is only 90 days old. Much of what he will bring to the office remains to be seen. If we look at what he has said and done during his first >100 days, we get a fascinating glimpse into the man who responded affirmatively to “A Call to Serve” when he was select as the Holy Father on March 13 of this year.

Pope Francis Book - A Call to Serve - Inside pages 01Written by StefaPope Francis Book - A Call to Serve - Inside pages 09n von Kempis , the editor of Vatican Radio and Phillip F. Lawler, editor of Catholic World News, this book on Pope Francis offers first hand information about the workings of the Catholic Church, the heart of Pope Francis and the challenges ahead. The content is drawn from conversations, interviews, inside information and the Pope’s own writings.

Pope Francis Book - A Call to Serve - Inside pages-02If what you know about our new Pope is what has filtered through secular media, now is the time to sit down and meet Pope Francis. This is the book to make that happen. It provides a perspective on his life as a Catholic, a priest, an archbishop and now in his early days as Pope. This book is informative, interesting and features photos throughout. A great balance of images and text  “A Call to Serve” provide details with an accuracy far greater than some of the superficial coverage of the conclave by major news outlets.

In this book you learn about his family, his youth, his education,his call to priesthood, his time as archbishop in Argentina, and the combination of Jesuit and Franciscan ideals in his life.

Pope Francis Book - A Call to Serve - Inside back coverMake time this summer to meet Pope Francis! Chances are you will find yourself changed for the better as you get to know the new Holy Father.

Pope-07“A Call to Serve –
Pope Francis and the Catholic Future”
By: Stefan von Kempis and Phillip F. Lawler

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