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Write for Bringing the Faith Home

At Bringing the Faith Home we want to provide readers an interesting group of author voices that reflect the diverse, unique experiences and perspectives of life as a Catholic. If you are  a skilled and talented writer with prior published articles, who would like to expand your reach, we invite you to apply to become an author on Bringing the Faith Home.

Benefits for Authors:


  • Your Work is Yours – Writers retain ownership of their submitted works limited only by the non exclusive publication rights they grant to Bringing the Faith Home for publication on its site.

Exposure and Audience Growth

  • You Are Recognized for Your Writing – Author bios and a list of your other articles on the site are in the sidebar of any article you write.
  • Connections to You – Your social media accounts, email and personal site can all be linked to your author profile, allowing fans of your writing to connect with you.
  • Introductions to New Potential Fans – A regular digest of new articles is sent to a list of 6,000+ subscribers. New people encounter your work.


Our Expectations from Authors:

  • Realistic Regular Contributions – We know your time is precious and you likely have other writing projects. We recognize our audience is precious too. We only ask for 4 articles in 12 months. If that is workable, read on.
  • Conformity to Editorial Standards
    • Content must be in conformity with the official teachings of the Catholic Church.
    • Use of quotes, content and images must be given proper attribution.
  • Unique Quality Content – Articles should represent new works, not prior published works. Limited exceptions may be made for significantly updated articles that may have originally been posted only on an Author’s own site. The editorial staff reserves the right to reject articles for style, substance, or other reasons.
  • Follow-up on Articles – Authors should be attentive to each article, particularly on the first day or two after publication, to respond to reader comments.


I am interested in becoming a contributing author